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Fabergé Museum in St. Petersburg opened its doors on November19, 2013, becoming the first private museum of national significancein the modern Russia. It was founded by The Link of TimesCultural and Historical Foundation that was established bythe Russian entrepreneur Viktor Vekselberg in 2004 aiming torepatriate Russian cultural treasures.The idea of establishing a museum dedicated to artworks of the great jeweler Carl Fabergé in Russia dates back to 2004, whenMr. Vekselberg bought a unique Fabergé collection from the Forbes family. Since then, The Link of Times Foundation has startedacquiring Russian applied and fine art and nowadays the museum’scollection exceeds 4,000 items. The museum possesses the uniquecollection of Fabergé masterpieces, which is undoubtedly the bestin the world by its scale, typological variety and the highest qualityof artworks.

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380 м

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Excursions (Дополнительные возможности); Restaurant (Дополнительные возможности); Сloakroom (Дополнительные возможности); Сonditioner (Дополнительные возможности)
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