Russian Institute of Art history

The Russian Institute for the History of Arts (Zubov Institute), founded in 1912 by Count V.P.Zubov private initiative and personal funds, is Russia's first special art research institution. It was created upon the Florentine model as a scientific and educational center with a library and art courses.
For more than a century of existence, the Institute has retained the status of one of the world's leading scientific centers for the study the history of arts. The past of RIHA is associated with the names of famous scientists, musicians, poets, artists: D.D.Shostakovich, N.S.Gumilev, A.A.Blok, K.Malevich, S.F.Oldenburg, N.N.Tynyanov, V. Propp, I.L.Andronikov, B.V.Asafiev, F.A.Rubtsov, A.A.Gvozdev, Yu.N.Tyulin, A.V.Ossovsky and many others. The works of the Institute's staff made up the glory of domestic and world science.
Nowadays the Institute annually performs more than fifty scientific research works in the broadest spectrum of art history, conducts scientific, educational and cultural and educational activities with the participation of leading domestic and foreign specialists.
The main halls of the Zubovsky Mansion on St. Isaac's Square are pleasing to receive guests, reviving the Petersburg traditions of the Evenings «in the Count Zubov magnificent house».
The Russian Institute of Art History offers services in the organization of the following events: Thematic excursions of the Zubovsky Mansion; Concerts of classical and ethnic music, music festivals; Competitions of performing skills; Art exhibitions; Conferences, congresses, seminars, forums; Business meetings and negotiations; Solemn receptions; Historical balls; Training courses in the specific areas of work of the RIHA; Lecture courses for a wide audience; Educational programs and quests for children and youth; Historical photo- and сinematography in the Zubovsky Mansion (play and documentary films, TV programs, videos); Event photography in the interiors of the mansion; Thematic film presentation; Comprehensive programs for individual customer requirements; The events are held in four halls of the Institute.
Three halls of the grand suite with interiors of the cathedral of the XIX – early XX centuries, with a view to St. Isaac's Cathedral:
• White (90 people, S = 187.4), a concert grand piano «Blüthner»;
• Red (60 people, S = 90.8);
• Green (112 people, S = 125.3) concert grand piano «C.Bechstein» — When implementing complex projects, they perform the functions of the exhibition, assembly (conference) and concert halls;
• Cinema hall (90 people), equipped with modern digital audio and video facilities.


5, St. Isaac's Square, St. Petersburg
+7 (812) 314-41-36

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