Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library
THE PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY in St. Petersburg is one of the symbols of modern Russia. It is the largest nation-wide cultural and information center, which carefully preserves national cultural heritage using the latest technologies. First National Electronic Library of the Russian Federation was created by the order of the President Vladimir Putin. The opening ceremony took place on May 27, 2009, the All-Russian Day of Libraries and the City Day of Saint-Petersburg. In 2014 the Library celebrated its 5th anniversary. The Library occupies the building of THE SYNOD, which is a part of the architectural ensemble of SENATE SQUARE, designed by Carlo Rossi in the second quarter of the 19th century. The foundation of the Presidential Library facilitated the extensive renovation and restoration of the monument. Wall￾paintings and stucco moldings were recreated. Restoration works were carried out in accordance with the drawings and blueprints of the great architect. The restoration of the architectural ensemble was conducted by THE DEPARTMENT OF AFFAIRS OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION which is in charge of the Library. Along with the re-creation of the historical complex the advanced technical solutions were applied. They provide smooth operation of the National repository of the electronic documents on the history of Russian statehood and make them widely accessible in the digital environment. The Presidential Library is the largest public and business venue that hosts international summits, state award ceremonies, official meetings, conferences, symposia, concerts, exhibitions, youth forums, contests and Olympiads. Uniting the past and the future the Presidential Library is open for cooperation.


3, Senate Square, St. Petersburg, 190000
+7 (812) 305 - 16 - 21

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