AlexGroup Limited Liability Company

AlexGroup LLC is a company providing a full range of concierge services in St. Petersburg. We are regular partners of the most respectable hotels of the city and we are rightfully proud of the excellent level of service. Thanks to our professional staff of concierges and operators, as well as the widest partner network, we will offer you the best: the most relevant tourist routes, the most fashionable performances and classic full house theater productions, the best solutions for the individual needs of your hotel guests.
Our company provides hotels with premium cars and chauffeured transportation. We are committed to the long term and value partnership. Your car will be delivered punctually at any time of the day or night. We employ drivers with extensive experience of hotel transportation services, who know English and the rules of etiquette.
Our advantages:
- Efficiency of processing almost any request coming from the hotel guests. Our operators work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
- Simplicity of financial payments. The guest pays for all services to the hotel and the hotel in its turn transfers money after deduction of the commission to one provider – AlexGroup LLC;
- own fleet of business and premium cars with drivers. Our drivers are experienced in hotel transportation and know English and the rules of etiquette;
- online guest support. Our operators are always online in messengers and ready to answer any question of the guest.

Our services:
- transfers;
- car rental with a driver;
- sightseeing services in all languages;
- booking tickets to theaters, concerts, museums;
- Air and railway tickets booking;
- Yacht, boat, helicopter and business jet rentals;
- organization of celebrations;
- health and beauty (massage, stylists, makeup artists, etc.);
- flowers order;
- reservation of tables at restaurants in the city;
- cab reservation;
- souvenir stores and galleries;
- online concierge (information support by communicating via any convenient messengers);
- search and selection of domestic staff (tutors, nannies, cooks, cleaners, security guards, etc.)
- couriers and premium delivery;
- "any guest's whim".


office 713, room 22-Н., 5A, Voronezhskaya str, St.Petersburg, Russia, 191119

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