August 28 2019

The North-Western Branch of NCCA in partnership with the Creative Association of Curators TOK launch the 1st Curatorial Forum. 

The Forum aims to develop and strengthen a professional dialogue, create new possibilities for the international partnership, mobilize local and regional creative forces as well as widen audiences for contemporary art. The events of the Curatorial Forum are designed for different audiences: a symposium for professionals, a portfolio review with international curators for artists, Art Weekend and Open Studios for everyone.

Dates: 03-04.10.2019

Venue: New Holland Island Pavilion, St Petersburg 
The 2019 symposium will focus on extending territories of curatorial and artistic practices as well as changing professional conditions. The 2-day event will unite Russian and international art professionals to study how contemporary curators and artists in their practices infiltrate into different social structures that shape new political realities. Speakers of the symposium will present examples of recent and ongoing curatorial projects that deal with law and governmentality, alternative economies, climate disasters, education, property, real estate and social segregation, gender equality, migration processes and manipulative strategy of media. They will study examples of curatorship in rethinking historical discourses and reshaping understanding about publicness, sharing, and solidarity in the artistic domain. 

Dates: 05-06.10.2019
Various venues and locations

Saint-Petersburg Art Weekend is a platform that showcases leading prominent museums, institutions and art spaces that will present special programs, events and pop-up exhibitions. The event aims to demonstrate the potential of St.Petersburg art scene to a wider local and international audiences. 

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