June 5 2019

From 20.06 till 22.06 the international congress “Les nuits blanches” will take place in St. Petersburg. The best European specialists will gather together to scrutinize the subject of insomnia, present the results of the last foreign researches and tell the Russian audience about the last global achievements in fighting with sleep disorders. The event will take place in “Astoria” hotel.

«Les nuits blanches» in French means “white nights”.  But for French people this saying has a deeper meaning “nights without sleep”. According to statistics in different countries from 10% to 30% of the population suffer from insomnia. In Russian around 20%, that means approximately 29 million people, struggle with sleep disorders. Each of us can imagine, that lack of sleep has negative consequences, however we are hardly competent enough to understand, how serious they are. In the second part of June this year doctors from France, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium and other European countries will meet in the cultural capital of our country to bring sleep problems out into the light of St Petersburg white nights.

Different specializations and backgrounds of the speakers will not only let the participants get familiar with various approaches to insomnia treatment but will also create a platform for council of physicians, interesting discussions and sharing experiences. In spite of the essential medical component of the event, the congress will also be useful for the participants without special training. Among the main objectives of the organizers are not only popularization of somnology, and attraction new Russian partners to cooperation, but also raise of our population’s literacy in the question of sleep problems.

Busy agenda, popular science, real cases from different spheres of medicine, priceless possibility to hear about the last European researches and ask the best specialists of the world’s somnology association in the world about something you personally interested in.  Not the least point and, undoubtedly a very pleasant addition will be the space where the event takes place – luxurious halls of the most well-known hotel in the city – Astoria.  For French and English-speaking participants the congress will be useful regarding the language practice, for the others – all the reports will be interpreted  synchronously into Russian. 

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