February 21 2019

Petersburg named second most awarded city in world according to international Guest Review Award-2018 by Booking.com.

The world's leading online travel platform, honors their partners who continually provide their customers with excellent user experience in the annual Guest Review awards. For the award’s seventh edition, 759,845 objects in 219 countries and territories were awarded in 2018.

Italy took the cake for the most awards last year (106,513), followed by Spain (46,646), France (45,286), Germany (36,042), the United States (35,626), Croatia (34,027), United Kingdom (31,206), Russia (26,729), Poland (26,572) and Brazil (24,477).

In the top 20 most awarded cities in the world, two Russian destinations were listed. Namely, Saint Petersburg (4 190 objects) took the second place, immediately after Rome (6 990 objects).  While Moscow came in at 19th in the list.

Compared to last year, Petersburg has climbed from third to second place, which is further proof of its growing popularity, and authentic experiences.

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