March 15 2017

This spring Saint Petersburg Committee on Tourism Development will host the second restaurant festival. The event, organized by Saint Petersburg Committee on Tourism Development, will be held in the Northern Capital of Russia from 1 till 30 April. The first Restaurant Festival was successful, and more than 60 city restaurants took part in it.

One hundred best restaurants of Saint Petersburg will tak part in the Second Saint Petersburg Restaurant Festival. They were selected by the expert committee, which includes more than 50 restaurateurs and journalists.

The main purpose of the coming spring festival is to provide the Petersburgers and guests of the city with an opportunity to visit the most interesting restaurants in the city, spending fixed amount for the gastronomic set — 990 or 1990 roubles. Besides, this year for the first time the special offers on breakfasts will be presented. All the sets will be splitted into several themes: fasting menu, Easter menu, Saint Petersburg cuisine, National cuisine, Author's cuisine. Each theme depends on the choice of a restaurant.

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