October 6 2020

Saint Petersburg has been voted as the most comfortable city for tourism in Russia. The survey conducted by Biletix is based on responses from more than 1500 people, who have purchased domestic flights tickets in the summer of 2020 and confirmed that they had previously visited the city as tourists. 53% of respondents rated the best value for money, 73% of respondents noted a comfortable urban environment, and 93% are ready to recommend a visit to St. Petersburg to their friends.

«Saint Petersburg attracts tourists due to its unique atmosphere of a lively and absolutely modern city. Here you can not only get acquainted with the great cultural heritage of Russia, but also fully enjoy the real hospitality of Petersburg. Today, the Northern capital is ideal for a full-fledged vacation, as well as for short trips on weekends or holidays, the so-called «city breaks». This is facilitated by the implementation of our program «New tourist and cultural geography of Saint Petersburg», which allows you to fully reveal the tourist potential of the city events, classic and new museum routes developed by The Ministry of Culture of Russia, modern creative spaces, a wide selection of river and sea cruises, a sanatorium-resort cluster in the Resort area, gastronomic tourism. This unique combination of tourist opportunities rightfully makes St. Petersburg a Russian and international center of all – season tourism, as well as an ideal start to travel around our country, especially along the routes of the "Silver necklace"." - said Sergey Korneev, chairman of the Saint Petersburg Committee for tourism development.

Saint Petersburg is a recognized world tourist center and one of the most popular travel destinations in Russia. In 2019-2020, with the support of the city administration and the government of the Russian Federation, a number of large-scale international projects have been implemented. Along with that, the tourism industry generated a record revenue for the city. In 2019 alone, tourists spent about 376.8 billion rubles in the city. The contribution of tourism to the economy was 4.4% of GRP.

The Northern capital became the first Russian city to be certified according to the international standards of Safe Travels. This allowed the city to restart the tourism and to start implementing an ambitious program New tourist and cultural geography of Saint Petersburg», expanding the variety of tourist programs in St. Petersburg. 

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