Saint Petersburg's new city ambassador has been announced

Raul R. Gainetdinov, the Director of the Institute of Translational Biomedicine, Saint Petersburg State University (SPbU), Russia has joined Saint Petersburg ambassadors...

Vote for Saint Petersburg at the World Travel Awards

We are happy to announce that Saint Petersburg has been selected as a shortlisted nominee in the 28th annual World Travel Awards: Europe's Leading City Break...

BTN interview: Olga Rendino, deputy general director, St Petersburg Convention Bureau

The majestic Russian city of St Petersburg is a magnet for business and cultural tourism. Olga Rendino, deputy general director of the St Petersburg Convention Bureau, here shares...


Expert Council is to monitor and assess tourism industry’scurrent situation

The second meeting of the Expert Council on support of economic subjects in the field of hotel business and tourism under the implementation of measures to counter the new...

Thirteen new ambassadors are set to join the Saint Petersburg ambassadors program

St. Petersburg Committee for tourism development held a meeting of the working group on the selection of ambassadors of Saint Petersburg. In all, out of 17 candidates 13...

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