4 - 7 oct 2016
Energy. Energy efficiency

Gas Forum is the leading venue to discuss topical issues of the industry. During the Forum industry leaders make their decisions that provide direct impact on formation of the global gas market.

Among Forum participants - top managers of large world leaders on the oil and gas market, representatives of the innovation centers and design institutes, industry experts, academicians, heads of specialised universities and research institutions.

Key subjects:

  • Global tendencies and state policy in the gas industry;
  • Resource base for the largest gas projects and key aspects of their realisation;
  • Evolution of the role of the liquefied natural gas and its share in the future global energy balance;
  • Gas engine fuel as the factor of economical efficiency of freight traffic;
  • Gas chemistry as the catalyst of the innovative development;
  • Service and infrastructure for the gas industry;
  • Energy-efficient technologies in the gas industrty.

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