27 - 29 oct 2021
Construction, Infrastructure

Traditionally, the GFAC conference will bring together representatives of Russia’s leading universities, research institutes, design and manufacturing companies as well as scientists from many foreign countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, USA, South Korea, Japan, India, etc.)

GFAC 2021 is to provide an ideal interdisciplinary platform to share research results in the sphere of geotechnics, modern geotechnologies, soil mechanics, foundations, geological engineering and share experience in design of complex geotechnical objects in various conditions.

We welcome the papers associated with but not limited to the following topics:
• Special field and laboratory methods of investigating physical and mechanical properties of soils
• Theoretical and practical aspects of soil mechanics
• Models of soil bases and their application in design
• Geotechnical justification, scientific and technical support for engineering survey, design, construction and operation of foundations, underground and earth structures
• Numerical modelling of the «base–foundation–structure» system in software complexes
• Innovative technological solutions in the construction of bases, foundations, underground structures and high-rise buildings
• New construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures in dense urban development and on structurally unstable soils
• Exploring the properties of frozen and thawing soils, foundation constructions and applicable engineering methods
• Geotechnical monitoring in the construction and operation of buildings and structures
• Analysis of the causes of accidents and emergency situations in the design and construction of foundations for buildings and structures

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