20 - 29 jun 2021

The CIS international cultural and educational forum Children of the Commonwealth will take place in St Petersburg, Russia on 20-29 June.

Delegations from Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Tajikistan plan to take part in the forum. They will be invited to participate in cultural, educational and sport events. The main events will be held at the children's recreation center Burevestnik. The forum participants will also visit significant historical sites and educational institutions in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast and, of course, will enjoy all the splendor of the St. Petersburg High School Graduates Festival Scarlet Sails.

The main focus of this year's forum, which has been named the Year of Architecture and Urban Planning in the CIS, will be the project activities of the delegations on the themes Our UNESCO Object and UNESCO Model. Delegations will present sites of cultural heritage in their countries, which require the attention of UNESCO, and prepare a project for a UNESCO children's organization in the CIS.

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