1 - 3 jul 2021

Due to the uncertain epidemiological situation, the conference might be held in a combined form, both offline and online sessions.

On behalf of the Department of Mathematical Linguistics (St Petersburg State University) we are pleased to invite you to the Corpora 2021 International Conference.
The Conference is to be held in St Petersburg in a combined form, offline and using online sessions (due to the uncertain epidemiological situation), July 1-3, 2021.
Panel discussion «Applying Corpus Approaches to Pedagogy» will take place on June 30
Organizers: M.V. Kopotev, HSE / University of Helsinki; M.Yu. Lebedeva, Pushkin State Russian Language Institute.
In 2020, two well-known journals, Russian Language Abroad and Russian Language Journal, published issues on applying corpus approaches to pedagogy. The published articles have shown that much has been done in this area and more needs to be done. The panel discussion will start with a short presentation of thematic issues, then the speakers will give talks. The event will conclude with a discussion about the prospects for applying corpus approaches in pedagogy.

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