30 - 30 jun 2021
Information Technology

The tenth international conference ZeroNights will take place during the White Nights on the Gulf of Finland’s shore.

The participants will have a day of full immersion into the atmosphere of techno-madness: exclusive speeches, thematic contests, a long-awaited meeting with colleagues.

ZeroNights maintains its focus on the worthiest talks delivered by recognized information security experts and practitioners.

Sevkabel Port is one of the most popular venues in Saint Petersburg. It hosts major music festivals, exhibitions, lectures, and fashion events. Located by the bay, Sevkabel mesmerizes its visitors with the futuristic panorama of the WHSD and the view of the sunset.
It’s no coincidence that we have combined the closed stage of the club with a big open-air site. In case of any restrictions, the main program will be moved outdoors.
We also made provisions to ensure our guests are safe and in comfort in case of bad weather.

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