19 - 21 may 2021

International and Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations, Krasnoyarsk Regional Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations, Krasnoyarsk Science and Technology City Hall, St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation and Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical State University named after V.P. Astafyev are organizing II International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Trends for Sustainability of Modern Society – ICEST-II 2021. The Conference will take place in Krasnoyarsk and St. Petersburg in May 19-21, 2021.
We invite faculty of universities and colleges, scientists, specialists and research teams as well as representatives of the enterprises to participate in the Conference.
The purpose of the Conference is to share the results and prospects of the achievements in the field of sustainable development of modern society: managerial, legal, economic and social aspects and trends.
The work of the Conference is planned in the following directions:
• Economic trends in modern social and technological development of the society: «Future Technologies» and the global market, Global integration and systemic risks for business, Urgent issues of assessing the impact of regional factors on economic growth, Theoretical and applied problems of economics, Sustainable development in terms of international relations and international law, Historical problems of the economy and social development of society
• Socio-economic drivers of the global economy: lessons, trends and new solutions: Financial technology as a key factor in the success of modern society, financial security, New managerial models in a dynamically changing society, Corporate social responsibility as a key competency of business development, Approaches to the study of improving the quality of life, Corporate finances
• A new look at education: trends, challenges, technological solutions: Education for the development of human and social capital of the territory, THE outstripping nature of school education: key skills and new literacy for the future, New pedagogical qualifications to achieve new educational results, The Mission and Role of Universities in a Changing World, Digital Technologies in Education, Education without exception: inclusion and integration practices; Cultural linguistics and translation studies: theory, training, practice
• Digital economy and new social challenges: opportunities; restrictions; growth points: Corporate management in digital modernization, Legal aspects of digitalization of the economy and university education, Digital transformation of public administration: world experience and Russian practice
• Economics and knowledge-based production management: High technology as a factor in the development of the economy, Economics and finance of knowledge-based companies, Information technologies of entrepreneurship, International entrepreneurship, High-tech economy security and accounting, Management and marketing of high-tech industries
• Applied Research in Economics and Management: Empirical corporate finance, Empirical industrial organization, Experimental economics and finance, Labour economics, Management Studies, Management Science
• Sociocultural aspects of the transformation of modern cities. Pros and Cons of Megacities: The formation of new trends in the philosophy and psychology of cities and their impact on traditional social institutions, Problems of migration, assimilation, intercultural and interreligious relations, The modern urban environment and the formation of «third places», New sociocultural phenomena
• Ecology, environmental protection and sustainable development: Sustainable development as a balanced development of society and nature; Balance within society and balance between the present and future state of humanity; Harmonious development of production, social sphere, population and natural environment; Greening education and ecological culture; Environmental protection and public health; Environmental priorities for sustainable development
• Human resource management for sustainable development: The role of human resources and their assessment in the concept of sustainable development of modern society; Gender equality as a sociocultural norm and practice; Educational policy in the modern world: challenges and prospects; Legal aspects of human resource management; Political culture and civic engagement of youth; Labor market: methods of state and market regulation; Socio-economic and environmental aspects of development and management of territories; Migration policy: national and global contexts
The conference ICEST-II 2021 is included into the list of the forthcoming conferences of EpSBS.

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