14 - 20 nov 2016
Construction, Infrastructure

International Urban Week is the program of events dedicated to the development of urban environment. Every year leading Russian and international experts come to St. Petersburg to identify new perspectives and possibilities for urban space and lifestyle transformations. 

Urban Week is the venue for ambitious professionals, authorities and business to present their capacities, visions, share practical experience and establish new contacts.
Each year the dynamics of social, political and economic environment brings new challenges to be addressed and new opportunities to be taken. Practical Urbanism is the main theme underlying subject-oriented discussions and exchanges. 

The diverse program of more than 30 events including conferences, exhibitions, film shows, site visits, lectures and master classes is arranged to provide all possible formats for business, experts, authorities and community groups to express their vision of changes to be made. 
Urban Week 2015 is discussing St. Petersburg assets and bottlenecks related to the city’s aspirations to continue as the advanced global city, as foreseen by its Development Strategy 2030.

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