15 - 17 sep 2020

The scope of the Workshop
The scope of the Workshop includes, but is not limited to the:
• Design and analysis of cryptographic algorithms and protocols, including those which are international standards
• Efficient implementation of cryptanalytic techniques
• Security evaluation of Russian cryptographic algorithms and protocols
• Efficient implementation of Russian cryptographic algorithms and protocols
• Mathematical aspects of cryptography
• Cryptographic techniques in IoT
• Quantum cryptography and computing
• Postquantum cryptography
• Cryptographic techniques in blockchain-based systems
• Cryptographic protection of biometric data
• Research in other actual and perspective cryptographic areas
Organized by
• Academy of Cryptography of the Russian Federation
• Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS
• Technical Committee for Standardization «Cryptography and security mechanisms» (TC 26)
Supported by Foundation for the Promotion of Secure Information Technologies

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