23 - 23 jul 2020
Energy. Energy efficiency

The oil and gas industry is in turmoil. Commodity prices are (volatilely) hitting all-time lows.
In addition, the goals of the Paris Agreement, «greening» of electricity production, alternative utilization of networks, unbalanced demand and supply, new technologies, more and more regulatory rules and political interventions challenge the sector and its business models.
Consequently, increasing social and environmental pressures raise complex questions about the role of these fuels in a changing energy economy and the position of oil and gas companies in the societies in which they operate as well as their strategy and profitability.
Yet, one of the core questions, against a backdrop of rising GHG and particle emissions, is a relatively simple one: should today's oil and gas companies be viewed as part of the problem only, or could they foster solving it profitably, i.e., become an essential constituent in a «greener and more sustainable» future?

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