The aim of the conference is to create favorable conditions for the high-quality functioning and development of the sphere of transport and energy infrastructures. During the event, demonstrations of innovative technologies and materials necessary for the effective design and construction of infrastructure facilities. The program is aimed at actively assisting in the implementation and large-scale development of advanced technologies, materials, structures, machines and mechanisms in the design, construction, reconstruction, overhaul, and artificial structures. During the conference, leading companies in road, bridge and hydraulic engineering will be represented, excursions to key centers and laboratories of the Polytechnic University will take place: the Laboratory for General Construction Technologies, the Kawasaki-Polytech Center for Industrial Robotics, the Polytechnic supercomputer center and the Light Materials Laboratory and designs.

Target audience: Members of the Government, heads of federal and territorial departments, heads of contractors, leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of materials, leading scientists, as well as honored guests and specialists from foreign countries are invited to the conference.

Program of the event

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