22 - 25 jun 2020
Information Technology

Mobius is a conference for mobile apps developers, which takes place in Moscow and St. Petersburg, gathering more than 600 participants each time: these are Middle and Senior developers, Team Leads, PMs and architects.
Mobius program contains engineering talks for Android and iOS developers covering the following topics:
• Technologies (Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, JS Native);
• Tools (mobile DevOps, containers, GPU calculations, etc);
• Frameworks (Data binding, RxJava, Firebase, Realm, etc);
• Architectures (MVP, MVVM, VIPER and others).
We never accept «sponsorship» talks so you won't find any «marketing» or «sales» talks.
Besides, our high-quality online broadcast provides those who can't arrive at the conference in person with an opportunity to ask speakers any questions.

Organizers: JUG Ru Group.

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