This is the first congress of accounting historians to be held in the Russian Federation. Russia covers both East and West uniting cultures, attitudes and mentalities, connecting partner countries, hubbing business, scientific and educational activities over the Eurasian continent. Saint Petersburg as the most European city of Russia is called the national scientific and cultural capital. The greatest mix of world-famous sights, traditions of Russian hospitality and outstanding scientific schools provide the most advantageous environment for effective WCAH work.

The Congress had been already hosted in Belgium, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Japan, Canada, Spain, France, Turkey. We would like to thank all participants from these and other countries who contributed to this Congress and submitted papers.

This year we have a strong participation of Chinese colleagues. This is quite a remarkable fact as extensive development of China affects the entire world. Its unique accounting culture, rich traditions and specific national way brings a new profound accent to the Congress.

The Congress Project Team have worked hard for more than 30 months to organize the event, collect papers, arrange scientific and cultural program, communicate with applicants. These devoted people, members of St. Petersburg State University of Economics, have done their best to welcome you at WCAH2020 and make its work efficient.

The organizers are inspired by your papers and reports, your national scientific approach, your interest in Accounting history and in Russia. We will be very pleased if you may share the same feeling. Our joint cooperation shall definitely make another step in development of accounting history.

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