11 - 13 sep 2019
Health, Medical Equipment

The Interregional Scientific-Practical Conference with International Participation «Saint Petersburg Septic Forum-2019» will be held on September 11-13, 2019 in the Hotel «St. Petersburg».
In addition to the general breakout sessions, workshops, round tables, clinical reviews of the most difficult cases and especially actual issues, discussion of the recommendations and much more are planned.

• Epidemiology of sepsis
• Organization of treatment of patients with sepsis
• Intensive treatment of sepsis
• Clinical microbiology of sepsis
• Problems of antimicrobial and antifungal therapy
• Laboratory diagnostics of sepsis
• Extracorporeal detoxification
• Surgical infections of soft tissues
• The problem of sepsis in combustiology
• Surgery of peritonitis
• Sepsis in pediatrics
• Sepsis in obstetrics and gynecology
• Sepsis in pulmonology
• Sepsis in oncology
• Approval of the Protocol on initial therapy of septic shock
The conference is planned for accreditation by the Coordinating Council for the Development of Continuing Medical and Pharmaceutical Education of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

Program of the event

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