18 - 19 dec 2019
Ecology and Environment

In December 18 - 19, 2019, the III All-Russian Conference «Hydrometeorology and Ecology: Achievements and Development Prospects» will take place in St. Petersburg. The conference named after L. N. Karlin is timed to the 100th anniversary of the State Hydrological Institute.
Within the framework of the conference, a specialized demonstration platform and a school seminar are planned on modern technical measuring instruments and data analysis methods in hydrometeorology and ecology.
This event is one of the most significant events in the field of oceanology, hydrology, meteorology and ecology, in which scientists and specialists from all regions of Russia, the CIS countries and abroad take part.
Among the participants are research institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Roshydromet, Russian manufacturers of hydrometeorological instruments and equipment, world leading companies in the production of hydrometeorological instruments and software, Russian suppliers of test equipment, companies performing engineering surveys and underwater technical works, as well as hydrometeorological information.

Conference topics:
• Means and methods of hydrometeorological measurements;
• Studies of estuarine, coastal and offshore areas;
• Methods of calculation and forecasting in hydrometeorology;
• Consequences of climate change and economic activities in river basins;
• Challenges of hydrometeorological education and training;
• Water quality and ecological condition of water bodies;
• Methods for modeling hydrometeorological and ecological processes;
• Economics and management of coastal activities.

Program of the event

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