20 - 23 jun 2019
Health, Medical Equipment (тематика мероприятия)

The White Nights Forum helps fulfil the most important aspirations of any professional: to advance their competency, to learn from the best experts, to share knowledge and skills, and to communicate with kindred spirits in the realm of interest.

That is why our Oncology Forum is so popular and is attended both by senior and eminent specialists and quite early adepts of the science of oncology.

The event is interesting because of its multidisciplinary focus, interactive format, and, of course, the high level of invited speakers, including both Russian and foreign experts.

The oncologist of any specialization will find the most relevant information concerning the latest trends, ultra-urgent and acute issues in the modern presentation that includes more than 10 different formats (workshops, conferences, seminars, symposia, schools, discussions, readings, exhibitions, reports, etc.).

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