6 - 8 jun 2019
Business Services (Auditing, Consulting, Banking, Investment, Credit, and Insurance Services) (тематика мероприятия)

The VI International Youth Conference «i-Customs».
Theme: «International Business, Innovations and Customs Regulations».

Key topics:
International business:
1. A secure business environment for economic development
2. Intellectual property as an object of international trade.
3. Customs and Business: Cooperation Challenges
4. Modern technologies in international trade
5. Morality in International Trade: Ethics in Business and Customs.
6. Professional Standards in the field of Foreign Economic Activity: a National and International Component.

Customs Regulation:
1. Customs in the age of Globalization and Regionalization.
2. The World Customs Organization and its role in the improvement of Customs Law.
3. The Revised Kyoto Convention as a model of the universal Customs Code.
4. The history of customs and modernity - the lessons of the past for the present and the future
5. Data Analysis for Effective Border Management.

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