25 - 27 apr 2019
Tourism, Sports, Leisure, and Hobby

1. To strengthen Principles of Olympism.
2. To apprehend challenges faced by modern Olympic, Paralympic and Deaflympic
movements; to search for the ways, development and formulation of proposals to
overcome the crisis.
3. To conduct an independent international evaluation and complex study of legal,
axiological, organizational, medical and biological, psychological and pedagogical
and other aspects, related to the doping problems in modern sports.
4. To facilitate the integration of efforts applied by the international scientific society,
non-governmental organizations and state agencies of various countries focused on
preserving the Olympic ideals and principles, ethical values of the world sports,
achieving the goals of physical, spiritual and ethical development of the society.
5. To consolidate efforts, which the international and national organizations exert to
promote anti-doping educational programs for the general population, innovative
projects and best practices targeted on achieving a harmonious personal development
in the systems of physical training and sports, healthcare and education.

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