25 - 29 mar 2019

St. Petersburg International Education Forum is a world event.

Every year for several days St. Petersburg becomes the capital of Russian education, an open platform for discussions, for exchange of experience and for open professional dialogue of leading experts in the field of education. Here, they fairly assess decisions taken in the field of education and outline vectors of the education sphere development. From year to year program of the Forum is becoming more and more intense, the range of issues being discussed is expanding, the number of participants is growing. At first steps the Forum gathered specialists from St. Petersburg schools alone, but soon colleagues from other Russian regions joined them, and, then, the event attracted the attention of experts in the field of education from other countries. Having passed a long path of evolutionary development, the St. Petersburg Education Forum became international.

Today this is an inter-institutional event. Outstanding scientists, educators, politicians, educational leaders, publicity and culture representatives discuss issues of global education as the fundamental basis for development of society and construction of future.

Program of the event

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