21 - 23 may 2021
Health, Medical Equipment

RNMC «Bienalle: The Art of Medicine 2021» — multidisciplinary scientific and practical congress for physicians and health care organizers. Bienalle: The Art of Medicine 2021 is a unique platform, which represents the most advanced technologies and proven techniques for the most relevant medical fields: disease prevention, medical diagnostics, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, clinical research, evidence-based medicine, as well as training and scientific communications, medical tourism, private and public medicine. RNMC «Bienalle: The Art of Medicine 2021» will focus on a discussion of the key theme «Opinions and Evidence-Based Medicine».
• Mission
To connect and create united communication platform for professionals in the medical sphere: more than 15 specialties, more than 20 fields, wide coverage of relevant multidisciplinary themes.
• Goals
To maximize the practical format of the Congress scientific programme. The program is developed not only by well-known international and Russian experts, opinion leaders, but also in co-authorship with future participants of the Congress. Three main stages of healthcare development will be considered within the framework of the main sessions: summing up the results of the 20th anniversary of the XXI century; a plan for the healthcare development for the 2020s and trends of digital medicine and innovation.
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