Валеева Светлана Валерьевна

President of the Veterinary Development Fund

Graduated from the Leningrad Veterinary Institute in 1985.

After she graduated, she taught zoology. The second Alma Mater was the Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov, surgical department. Then the experimental clinic of the Military Medical Academy where was organized the first veterinary care for the population.
Since 1998 she has been the general director of three own clinics of Veterinary Clinic Network.
President of the Veterinary Development Fund. Member of the Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and Arts.
Member of the Public Chamber of St Petersburg for the humane treatment of animals.

Professional achievements and awards
Gratitude from the Department of Veterinary Medicine of Saint-Petersburg for high achievements and successes in the field of veterinary medicine and on the Day of the veterinary worker. Gratitude from the Government of Saint-Petersburg for a great contribution to the implementation of the state policy of humane treatment of animals.

Expert activity
Member of the Association of Veterinarians of Saint-Petersburg, member of the North-Western Association of Physicians, president of the Veterinary Development Fund.

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Direction of activity
Veterinary Science

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