Saint Petersburg Convention Bureau is highly committed to values of sustainable development and aspires to make its contribution to the city’s ecological, social and economic development.

Being a member of such international organizations as ICCA, GDS Index, Destinations International and UIA, Convention Bureau abides to concepts of responsible government and quality management, providing the fulfillment of such principles as inclusivity, stewardship, integrity and transparency. Currently, our team is carrying hard work to obtain a sustainability certificate.

Convention Bureau’s main aim is attraction international business events to Saint Petersburg. Our team strongly believes that the increase of such events number not only will have positive influence on the city’s image and positioning as an event center of global-scale but also will be an important step to economic prosperity of its local community. We are assured that tourism development should be equilibrated with the needs of the citizens. Consequently, Saint Petersburg Convention Bureau supports responsible events and encourages communicating with our team in case if you have any questions.                                                          

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